30 mins of week 3-17

I'm still going. Well, last week I was still going. This week of the 24th I'm on vacation and have slacked off a little since my days are pretty packed with activities. But, no worries, I'll still have things to post by the end of the week. I'm planning on finishing off some of the sketches that I started on my past 30 min sketches. But, I finally set a side some time to post the sketches I did last week. And, here they are. This is Bert as Flash. This is actually a character I created and animated in college. Of course, the sketch didn't get very far because I was too careful with the lines. This will be one that I will finish later. Here I attempted to do Ernie in a more TokiDoki style, but was unsuccessful . Just didn't have the time to work the details. But, folks in the office seemed to like it. For this night, I had no idea what to do. A picture of a dwarf hamster that I saw earlier in the day popped into mind. And, this is what I cam up with. This is Bert hulking out. I wanted to make him even larger, but time ran out. Let's just say he's in transition from Bert to huge. Here's the dwarf hamster attacking. Haha. Yeah, just thought the dwarf hamster was a little too cute. Had to give him a little edge. :) Not sure what this Ernie is all about. Just had a very angular flat idea in mind as I did the sketch. I really was all out of ideas here. This started as a guy I saw on the subway platform. But, as you can see, my mind was wondering. This is one I will be touching up later. Here's Abby Cadaby in a Disney-ish style. The pose took longer than I had expected to work out. And, the structure is still off. I'll go in and clean her up a little later. Here, my mind was already heading off into vacation. I sat. This came into mind. I sketched. That's all. :)

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