30min - week two

Here are the sketches of the last two days of this week. Here's Cookie Monster powering up. What's his power? Not sure. Are those cookies appearing from his palm? Yes. Why? Not sure. You can see here that I was really struggling for an idea. This is my pencil holder(a canister lid) taunting me. The pencils were not a good idea to add for a 30 min sketch. I wasn't too happy with the first "power Cookie", so I attempted this second one. I like this one better than the first. Even though Cookie doesn't look like Cookie with his fur all flared out. I'm adding to this sketch and will post later. This is another character that was inspired by shapes in a subway floor pattern. The eyes, nose, jaw, and head shape were the parts that were inspired. This sketch is very light compared to the other sketches. I wanted to take this one to a cleaner finish after the 30 minutes, so I didn't race to a "finish". This is how I usually approach a sketch. Very light and work to a finish. The cleaned up version of this sketch will be posted soon.

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