week of 3-9-09

So, last week was the week of the dreaded layoffs. It was not a fun week. Very stressful up to the day. Most people couldn't concentrate on work. So, everyone was just exhausted from the mental strain of the anticipation. And, that was all I could think of as well. So, I put it into my sketches.

People had been exhausted from the week before. And, on Monday, people were just not moving.

And, on Tuesday, everyone had gone over the edge from the anticipation. It was as if everyone had enough of feeling horrible and just snapped.

And, this was the feeling I got when I walked to work on Wednesday. Just a bunch of us walking to work not knowing who was to be cut. Sorry, its so rough. This was the first time I covered more than one character in a 30.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Evan, we've gone through quite a few layoff's here as well and we know it's not done. It's the not knowing, the feeling that if it's still not done, when will it be? Who will be left and how do you pick up after such an event.
Good luck my friend and hang in there.

BigG said...

Hey man, your work is very very good. I hope you make it through layoffs, but if you don't I can't see you NOT getting work.

Keep killin it!

evan said...

Thanks for the support. It's much appreciated. I was lucky to make it through this round. But, like Ms. Me said, who knows how this thing will go down. And, BigG, I hope you're right if I don't make the cut.

christina said...

These are great! Kinda how I felt with the previous lay offs. At least you were saved.