30s of weeks 2-16&23-09

I ended up skipping one week because I only had one sketch. Yep, slacking a little. There is a lot going on these days at work and out of work. Stuff that takes up a lot of thought time. So, it was hard to actually sit down and focus on 30s. I know I know, excuses excuses. But, here are the ones that I managed to get out this week and last week. Enjoy!

This one from the earlier week. I was still on the tall lanky thing.

I finally saw Hellboy 2. I didn't follow the novel, but liked the movie. It inspired this visual.

Staying on the monster theme, here's Ernie as a hunchback type of character. Yes, he is supposed to have such mismatched arms.

This is "Aqua-Bert". Yah, he's just not himself without his nose.

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