Zombie plush!

 Woohoo!  Zombie plush!  I never really know where the zombie designs go, so its always a nice surprise to see product show up.
I first saw these guys as prototypes.  They needed a lot of help.  They didn't know how to position the body, arms, and legs to give them the lunging forward posture.  I did some detailed bluelining and sent them back.  I didn't see them again till they were released.  I was worried, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The characters sit well, have a nice weight distribution to support their large heads, and they have a great forward lean to them.  These have become my favorite products made from my designs. 

They also made Zombie keychains.  Not as good as the plush, but not bad.  Both the plush and keychains are exclusive to Japan.  


Koji Masuda said...

Hi! Evan-san, Mas the farmer is glad to know you were satisfied with those plush items;)

Omie said...

I NEED these :(

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy one? :)

evan said...

Mas, I am very happy. I would like to get my hands on more. :)

For those that want these, you'll need to get hunt them down on a Japanese site. These are exclusive to Japan.