NYCC y'all!!

Hi y'all!  This coming Friday the 14th I'll be making my first official Comic Con appearance at NYCC.  I'll be spending some time at the Sesame Workshop booth doing some sketchy sketches of Sesame characters.  So, if you're at the Con, drop on by booth #2013, say hi, and get a sketch.  I'll only be there sketching from 2-4, so not sure how many sketches I can get in.  I'm a slow sketcher...

More exciting than that, the apparel company Mightyfine will be releasing a few shirts that I and a fellow designer (Vanessa Germosen) teamed up on.  Here are the images as we delivered them.  

I've been interested in steampunk for a while, so it was good to get the chance to put the Sesame characters through some steampunkin .  Of course, I had to put Bert in some gear.  I couldn't deck out Bert in too much gear so I added his favorite pigeon Bernice. 

The answer to steampunk Bert is steampunk Ernie with his favorite bird Rubber Duckie.  I did the character work and Vanessa laid down colors.   
Another style I've been wanting to touch for some time.  8-Bitness.  With 8-bit, I had to pay homage to the game that changed it all. 

I actually designed a full Bert.  But, this idea was too good, so 8-bit Bert had to be chopped off at the nose.  Idea by Vanessa. 


Diana Leto said...

Love your work! Your gonna rock Comic Con!

evan said...

Sorry, just saw this. Thanks!