Time consumed...

Here's a little taste of what's been consuming my life lately. For the past year or so, my wife and I have been in the process of selling our old place and buying a new place. Well, new in the sense that its the first time we've seen it. The place is in no way new. This quickly became the black hole that swallows up all my time. I'm not one that can visualize whole rooms in my head. I can, but I can't. You know? Anyway, so I had to put things in front of me. So, I used Illustrator to build simple mock ups of rooms. These mock ups help with measurements, color tests, placement, and so on. Not exciting at all, but very helpful.

This is the long wall of our kitchen. Keep in mind that this is a New York apt, so things have to be compact. Simple enough, right? But, just this wall alone requires decisions to be made on 12 items. These 12 items literally have hundreds if not thousands of options each.

This is the short wall of our kitchen. The little gray square is a little window. Again, these are very simple mock ups with no added unnecessary details... like window frames or backgrounds.

Because of the dip in the wall we had to think about our options of working with the dip since we couldn't spend $16,000 on custom cabinets. Yes, that IS an actual quote a contractor gave us for just the cabinets.

We're getting a wall taken out between the kitchen and the livingroom. I couldn't visualize the blocks of color and layout, so I had to mock up a 3/4 view where I could toggle on and off colors and details.

Here's a straight on view of our bathroom. Simplified to play with types of tiles and layout of fixtures. Again, a New York apt, so its a tiny bathroom. This wall has over 15 items that needed to be picked out. Amazing how a little bathroom has so many things to pick out.

This was a quick mock up to feel out the layout of fixtures and how they'd look at 3/4. Again, just blocks of shapes. No detail work.
This is a custom radiator box. I wanted to provide as much info as I could in order to cut down space for interpretation for the contractor. I didn't want to end up with a box with bad mesh on the front.

So, this is mostly the reason that I've been posting a lot less this year. This process has really sucked up all my free time. Almost there. Renovations started this week. Credit card is getting the workout of its life. Place looks like walking into a war zone... or at least what's depicted as a war zone in movies... It's all starting to happen. Bear with me. Hopefully, more interesting art will start to be created from these hands again.

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