Sesame Zombies!!

As you may have seen in earlier posts, I designed a line of Sesame characters that were called Sesame Zombies. Yes, the name was not where the creativity was focused... it was sort of a working... Aaanyway, as I've mentioned before, its always a battle to get more stylized art out beyond the walls of Sesame. Most of the time the art makes it into the international market, but domestic never sees my work. But, this time, my Zombies made it. They caught the eyes of our friends at MightyFine. Their Sesame Zombie shirts dropped this past week. Check em out!

The first is using the Big Bird, Oscar, and Elmo. They altered the original designs for their uses, but that's what happens. Check out this shirt here.

Here's Bert and Ernie. These were the closest to my original designs. They swapped out the pupils I originally used. They preferred a light blue tiny pupil. I originally had larger black pupils. Check this shirt out here.

Here is the Count. The Count was actually my favorite design to work on. He lent himself well to the theme. Check this shirt out here.

So far, this is the first product to be released with the Zombies. There are rumblings of more products to come. Stay tuned!


Jack Rail said...

Oh man! Nearly a year too late! The "Frenemies" tee is awesome; is there any way in the world to get it now???

evan said...

Yep, MightyFine still offers it on their site here: