30s of week 9-14-09

This week I was determined to keep it simple. I like sketchy sketching, but that's not the direction I want my designs to go. I want to simplify and still represent the character as they need to be on products. It's one of those things where I'm trying to please my creativity and feel out where the limits are. Yeah, its great to say "screw rules" and design crazy images. But, then, my work won't see the light of day and I'm not doing my job. So, here's to following rules... for now. :)

Bert was my first this week.

Ernie was my favorite of this week. He just has the best feel.

Elmo was my least favorite. I think I still have to work with his proportions to push the cute.

Cookie was the last done for this week. I had to give him a cookie. No carrots and apples here.

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