30s of week 1-26-09

This week I continued exploring the same style. I like the characters and think there might be something there. I enjoy distorting the Sesame characters and bringing their inner weirdness out. So, I figured I'd sketch out more characters in this style. As I take them to Illustrator, some will be changed up little. And, others will be changed up a lot.

Here's Cookie. He's only eh. He's neither here nor there. He'll need some work when he's taken to Illustrator.

Count is my favorite of this week. I think he's going to translate well into this style.

Zoe came out okay too. She's got a nice stare going on.

Okay, this is supposed to be Big Bird. Obviously, he will need a total overhaul when taken to Illustrator. Just couldn't figure out the beak situation in 30.

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