30 of week 1-12

This week I was inspired by a animation company's logo. Dancing Diablo. I thought the character was really cool looking and well done. I thought it was so cool looking that it inspired this week's sketches.
I started with Bert. I think this was my favorite sketch of the week. It has the right amount of edge I was looking for.

This is Ernie. I liked this sketch also. But, I think the feel is slightly different than Bert's, but kind of like it. Like a rabid squirrel

Elmo didn't come out so well. He's quirky looking. I think I just needed a little more time with it.

Grover. Mmmm, just not there. Little more time.


kaNO! said...

Bert is awesome, the other guys are almost there, nice work E.

evan said...

Thanks, Kano! I'm actually working on them in Illustrator right now. Bert and Ernie are still the strongest. The lend themselves better to the design.