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Sesame Bits

These are my pencils for the Sesame Bits strip posted by Sesame to support Alphabet Song DVD release.  

Grover, ice cream, and a giant bug.  Can't lose with that combination.  

2B Project: Full custom stickers

This time I designed a couple and their fluffy doggie.  Combined them into a a single design and made diecut stickers out of them.  

This is the first time I've done a fluffy dog in the 2B style.  I think he came out pretty good.  

2B Project: diecut custom sticker

This is a design I did for my 2B line.  More accurately, these are the stickers made from the design I did.  A client wanted a unique thank you gift for their sister.  Some reference images and money exchange later this was the result.

You can see the main image I used as reference in the lower left of the image.  I've started to work the hair a little more for those with lighter colored hair.  In some cases it really takes the design home.

Sesame Bits

Here's my pencils stage of the most recent Sesame Bits for the Elmo and Friends Collection DVD release.  Loved that I was able to use Oscar in this one.

Flappy Bert

As many people, I was addicted to Flappy Bird.  Personal high of 23(so far).  So when Sesame approached me to create some art for their version of the game, I was of course excited to contribute.

I had already created the 8-bit Bert in the past, so he was existing art.  8-bit Bernice was a new addition.  

These are the three images of the cycle you see in the game.  This was a fast and furious project.  From idea to going live it was about a work day's worth of hours.  If I had more time, I would have made a more interesting cycle.  But, as it is, it fits Bert's personality very well.  How else would you see Bert being carried by Bernice?  Go here to play the game for cheap price of FREE.

Steampunk Cookie for NYCC 2013

This year for NYCC I continued my steampunk series with Sesame Street x Mightyfine, I worked on a steampunk Cookie Monster.

Above you see the pencils for the piece.  I use col-erase blue for my roughs through pretty much finish line.  This time I went in with a Micron pen to put down a thicker outline.  You can see that below.    

And these are the finished and inked stages of the piece.  The colors were done by a fellow Sesame designer.